Sign Loop is passionate about working with the deaf and deaf blind communities throughout the UK.

Our mission is to help raise deaf awareness through providing excellent services for the deaf and deaf blind communities and those organisations and professionals that work with them.

Sign loop has grown through working collaboratively with both deaf and hearing stakeholders to develop all of our services, as we believe that this model is the best way to understand the support needs of all of our three core user groups:

  • Deaf People.
  • Communication Professionals.
  • Organisations that work with deaf people.

We understand that in order to support the deaf community we have to also support communication professionals and organisations that work with the deaf community effectively.

We provide experienced communication professionals that are able to deliver the following services:

  • Turn spoken language into sign language and sign language into spoken language
  • Live video calling enabling face to face communication
  • Take notes
  • Read lips
  • Type text onto big screens
  • Create Braille documents
  • Create audio tapes

"The service provided by Sign Loop is excellent, whenever an enquiry is made
by the scheme the response back is very prompt and the booking is made at the same time.
The interpreters are always on time and well prepared".

Janice Singleton, Shared Lives

"We were very pleased with the interpreting service provided to us by Sign Loop. In particular they stepped-up at the last minute when others had let us down."

The Lucy Faithfull Foundation

"Sign Loop provided two signers for a conference where we had Deaf delegates and they were a joy to work with. Sign Loop are professional and competent. We will be recommending them to other organisations who value inclusion."